SMB Opportunity

SMBs seek trusted service providers as partners in solving their critical business issues with cyber, communication, cloud and IT services

SMB Nationn

Millions of SMBs with less than 100 employees are dependent on technology to address their basic business needs.

Needs of SMB

SMBs lack critical technology capabilities. They are dependent on service providers, and need support and tailored services.

Scale your business

Service providers need an integrated operations platform to scale and economically address the needs of the SMB market.


Raise the Bar for SMB Networking

SMBs face unique challenges to meet the growing IT and technology demands. Digital transformation in the SMB market is a trade-off between richness of functionality and availability of resources. Raise…

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SMB market

The SMB market in the US is flourishing and growing at a substantial pace. Some of the key findings include: Over 7.8 Million SMBs in the US 16% of SMBs…

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How to help SMBs with managed services

Like enterprises, SMBs are expecting to have a superior technology infrastructure at lower cost. Service providers need to match several SMB expectations including Continued uptime and high productivity Better security…

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Additional resources

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Technology spending by SMBs

IDC a reputed market research firm revealed the IT spending by SMBs (small and medium-size businesses) in 2017 and projections for 2021. SMB have likely spent over $560 Billion in…

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Welcome to our SMB research

Hello and welcome! We started this research page to keep you updated on all things related to SMB managed services.

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